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by North American Connection

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First demo from Dextro and J.Venom as North American Connection.
Produced by both members, with J.Venom handling all the mixing/mastering.


released November 2, 2012




North American Connection Cincinnati, Ohio

J.Venom and Dextro combine to make the two set North American Connection, the plan is to have more people come and go, or possible add more people to the group.

J.Venom is from Cincinatti, Ohio, U.S.A and Dextro is from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Both produce the instrumentals for NAC with J.Venom handling the mixing.
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Track Name: Space Station 13

(J. Venom)
A witless knower, a motherfuckin' mindblower,
I don't give a fuck faggot, it lookin like ya life's over
so ya better find and start countin' ya clovers
cause luck run out and its about to blow over

Like a steam roller, runnin' ragged rappers flat,
man fuck a coda, this ain't over, gotta smash it fast
no top of the class, but the best at slangin grass and hash
bitch that's that, but fuck it all ima keep goin'

Made my point so now's time for fun
talkin' bout a little bit of one on one
maybe read a bit or watch some Evangelion
no glamour no glitz, just keepin it real son

It's like that, NAC's back
Ain't never left, but man fuck facts
Makin' beats and spittin' heat
Goin' harder than fuckin' reinforced concrete bitch

my heads past uranus man, I'm feeling so painless, I'm aimless
I'm sharp like stainless, this day is amazing, the same thing
My main thing, is reign king forever, I sever the ties
That bind the depths of my mind, my rhyme is ahead of its time

So climb the ladder and see the signs of mine
mad grime like I'm sick, diseased, please I need the I.V
Intraveneous to set me free, this needless weakness, I feel shit
I feel ripped, my wings feel clipped yet I still take flight

The blunts alight, my flame ignites, I get right
cause its rolled ever so tight like my style that you can't bite
Put up a fight and feel the right, Goodnight!
Go to sleep and just drift to R.E.M, Hardly when I befriend

An MC I'm just expanding to be free, I rip these to stack gs
me and J.Venom send em to the catacombs, we rattle bones
with our microphones, so leave it alone, cause we blown
Step to NAC man, and you might get your head flown.